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President's Day: Are You Capitalizing on Holiday Business Opportunities?

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Scott Christofferson A Little President’s Day Background The third Monday in February rolls around every single year (shocking, I know). February 17, 2014 was the third Monday of this February, the day we be celebrated President’s Day this year. President’s Day is a United States federal holiday created in honor of George Washington, our first president, but the holiday is…
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Converting Online Leads Into Sales

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3 Key Elements Generating leads online for your business can be a very difficult and expensive process, unless you know what your doing. The same applies to actually converting those leads into sales. There are a few key elements to making sure your lead-to-sale conversion rate is good and supporting your business model the way it should be. Here are…
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Don't Sell It, Talk About It

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In the business world we all live in everyone has spoken with a salesman in some form or another. There is a saying that says “people do not like to be sold”. I myself have also heard that people can smell a salesman a mile away as if it is part of their super powers to smell a salesman. In this article we will discuss why it is more beneficial to talk about it rather than selling it. Continue Reading »

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Video Testimonials

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One of the most important things you can include on your website is a testimonial of a customer. Why? People really do not care about what you think about yourself as much as they do care about what others think about you. This is why customer reviews and ratings on websites have become very important to consumers. Continue Reading »

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