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The Magic Words on Social Media

Please and thank you should not be the only magic words in your “marketing dictionary”. Marketing and social media go hand in hand, which means words are incredibly important for all marketing techniques and material.At Innovation Simple, we love to share our knowledge with our clients and readers to help them and their businesses grow. Using the right words for…
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Websites Need Continual Content

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Things are being done in this world fast. Technology runs faster than we can. Sometimes it may seem hard to stay with it, but it’s the best way to keep a website active. Make sure you always update your website’s info. Whether you’re updating because of world news, or you’re updating because of personal issues, keeping the viewer/customer notified is always important. Continue Reading »

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Does Your Content Have Virality

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As the technology evolves there are some things that do not evolve and that is the things people like to share which means going viral. Viral marketing has always been a huge way to market. When it comes to seo how does virality affect it and search engine rankings? Continue Reading »

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