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SEO is King

Why SEO is Important to Your Brand SEO is a buzzword right now in the tech industry. Everyone says your business needs to have it, and everyone promises to get you to a better place financially with it. Is SEO all hype, or is it a key ingredient to business success? Honestly, a little bit [...]

Guardians of the Galaxy

Published under E-commerce,General Marketing,News on 08/21/2014

How Word-of-Mouth Marketing is the Best Kind Some marketers are giving up on word-of-mouth marketing because it is so difficult to control. True, consumers are more difficult than ever to motivate. However, when a campaign or product strikes a chord, you can know it will spread like wildfire across social media and in person. Most [...]

Summer Loving

A Focus on Companies that Market in the Summer Well, summer is wrapping up. Besides feelings of despair and mild depression after kissing the sun goodbye, there is also a bit of reflection on the summer’s exploits. Summer drives a tremendous consumer market for everything from pool products to trips to summer events. Savvy brands [...]

J. Crew Invents a New Size

Published under News on 08/14/2014

Marketing Mistake or Just Compromising Sizing? Obesity in America seems to be a hot topic flooding the news stands, but what about anorexia? We are all aware of this dangerous and growing problem. But do we recognize all of the cultural pressures that force women into this type of mindset? Many healthy, averaged weight women [...]

Evolution of the Summer Treat

Published under News on 08/09/2014

What’s Giving Ice Cream a Run For Its Money If history in America has taught marketing professionals anything over the years, it should be that ice cream will forever be a crowd pleaser on a hot sunny day. While this is true it seems that in the past decade or so there have been other [...]

Potato Salad and Millennials

Published under Conversion Rate,General Marketing,Social Media on 08/07/2014

How to Harness Viral Content for Your Business Hello, welcome to America. This is a land where entrepreneurs run rampant and potato salad raises over $50,000 on Kickstarter. That’s right, everyone’s favorite picnic side dish garnered 50k from almost 7,000 backers. Why on earth would this happen? The campaign, which started out as a joke, [...]

Utah Hikes To Check Off Your Bucket List

Published under News on 08/02/2014

Hidden Treasures In Utah Valley With the summer months coming to a close there are only a few more opportunities to check off some hikes from your bucket list. Those who live in Utah Valley within driving distance to a variety of different hikes from leisurely strolls to challenging adventures. But whichever hike you choose [...]

Website Spotlight

Published under General Marketing,Web Design on 08/01/2014

How Good Design Means Greater Marketing ROI Websites aren’t just commonplace now: they’re ubiquitous. Thirty years ago the internet was in its infancy. Email wasn’t a word in the dictionary and tweeting was something only birds did. Now, in an age of digital media, web design has completely redefined our world and the ways we [...]

How Pinterest has Changed the Way we Design

What Your Business Can Learn from Pinterest My wife is a third generation graphic designer, so I’ve heard my fair share of how design and creativity have changed over the years. In the good ‘ol days design was expressed through letterpress, screen printing and hand painting. All three processes were tedious and required very technical [...]

How To Tactfully Ask Customers For A Referral

Published under News on 07/21/2014

Spreading The Word About Your Business As a nation we Americans are a very proud people. Especially when it comes to asking for help from other people. For some reason we would rather swim with hungry sharks than ask someone for help. But at the same time it makes us feel great when we help [...]