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Unique Thanksgiving Activities

Published under News on 11/22/2014

Crafts and Games to Bring the Family Together Of all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season it can be easy to forget how to have fun on these special days with our loved ones. Make this Thanksgiving the best one yet with some creative and fun activities for the whole family to enjoy! […]

Web Design Tips

Published under Web Design on 11/19/2014

5 Basics to Remember Your website may be the first impression a consumer has of your company. Make sure the impression is positive by remembering these basic designing tips: Think Simplicity Someone looking at your page should know the purpose of your site within seconds. Keep the formatting clear, the writing straightforward, and the graphics […]

How to Be a Better Budgeter

Published under Free Tools,Video Marketing,Videos on 11/18/2014

More Zeros Means More Security Being a better budgeter isn’t necessarily about making more money, but managing the money and resources you already possess. Here are some practical tips you can try today to help you feel more confident about your money making decisions. First | Don’t Spend More Than You Make This seems obvious, […]

How to Learn From Your Competitors

Making you stronger! Business can be tough. Trying to start up a new business can be even more tough. You have to have a big idea. But having a good idea is simple not enough, you then have to get others to believe in your idea to raise the capital needed to start production. Once […]

How To Prep for Thanksgiving

Published under News on 11/15/2014

The Countdown to Turkey Day As the holiday season begins to ramp up, here are some great hacks to help you through the madness. Online Shopping Skip the lines, shop online. In the past four years, online shopping–commonly known as eCommerce–has grown immensely. One trillion dollars to be exact (1,000,000,000–just in case you forgot how […]

The Typical Day In the Life of an Innovation Simple Intern

Published under News on 11/14/2014

The Perfect Dream Job Imagine a job where you come into the office, say hello to your boss, and hang out on social media all day. If that just caught your attention, you’d fit right in with our intern office here at Innovation Simple. Each intern manages the social media and blog of various clients […]

How to Make the Perfect wish on 11/11/11

Published under News on 11/11/2014

Some Go-To Steps November 11 at 11:11, you’ve been waiting for this minute all year long. You’ve been saving this wish for months now. It could be about that special someone you’ve been thinking about, or it could be admission to that program, or to snag the lead in the next school play. Whatever the […]

Does Word of Mouth Only Marketing Work?

…maybe if your mouth is big enough! Ask most local businesses what their primary form of marketing is an at some point in the conversation “word of mouth” will come up. For years word of mouth marketing was talked about as the key to any successful business. But as the world changes and technology advances, […]

Enjoying Utah’s Canyons in the Fall

Published under News on 11/08/2014

Things to Do When It’s Cold and Beautiful Did you know Utah is home to five national parks? If you are lucky enough to live in the Beehive state, you know why it has some of the most spectacular views on earth. The changing weather we’re experiencing gives us a perfect excuse to get out […]

Who We Help

Published under SEO,Small Business,Web Design,Web Marketing on 11/07/2014

How We Help At Innovation Simple, our motto is Innovation + Simple. Shocker, I know. Our goal is to help small businesses gain traction in a slippery market. We work to improve SEO, website design and overall social media presence within the niche that company is competing in. To give you an idea of who […]