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Fun in the Snow

Published under News,Salt Lake City Utah on 12/06/2014

A Look at the Best Snow in Utah this Month If you live in Utah you probably should accept the fact that in most areas of the state during winter it is cold and snowy.Although this could be looked at as a dismal time of year, if you take a look around, accept the snow, […]

Innovation Simple’s Movie Picks

Published under News on 12/05/2014

A Few Upcoming Choices At Innovation Simple, we love good content and a good story. We work with determination to craft the perfect website or compelling visual with engaging details. Likewise we like to see good craftsmanship in other areas as well. Therefore, when we see a promising movie coming out in the future with […]

Best Advertisement of 2014

Published under General Marketing,Google,News on 12/04/2014

Top 10 Ads As a digital marketing company we are always excited to see what is happening in the marketing/advertising world. 2014 was a busy year for everyone in the digital marketing industry and Forbes predicts that next year will the industry will see huge growth. As such Adweek just released their top 10 ads […]

Leaving Work at the Office

Published under News on 12/02/2014

The Art of Compartmentalizing How often do you get home from work only to find that you’ve left your mind stuck in the office? You turn on The Walking Dead, but only see the glaring calendar of approaching deadlines that has been burned into the back of your mind. As you order some takeout, all […]

How to Make Delicious Hot Chocolate

Published under News on 12/02/2014

A Warm Treat for a Cold Day Hot chocolate started as a luxury item for the rich during the 17th century but quickly was marketed to the public as a tasty treat for everyone to enjoy. Now, you could go to the store and buy little pouches of hot chocolate to sip on a cold […]

Recipes for Holiday Treats

Published under News on 11/29/2014

Foods that will help turn up the festive spirit this holiday season Lets take a break from marketing for a second to talk about the thing that is most likely to be on our minds at this very moment: food. Let me tell you that I’ve got this figured out. If you’re trying to escape […]

A Highlight of Our Portfolio

See our work and believe! At Innovation Simple when we talk about managing your marketing completely, we mean it! We are serious about marketing and have a portfolio of quality work to back us up. That portfolio shows what we have done for businesses in the past so you can get a sense of what […]

Thanksgiving: History, Traditions, Recipes

Published under General Marketing,News on 11/27/2014

Remembering to be thankful Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends and especially turkey! But that’s not the way it has always been. In fact the first Thanksgiving didn’t have turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie or gravy. The only thing historians are sure of is that the first Thanksgiving is that that Wampanoag Indians brought […]

Websites With Background Music

Published under News on 11/26/2014

Add or Avoid? We have all had the experience of surfing the web only to click unknowingly on a website that blasts music. After 10 seconds of quick searching to find the stop button, we often leave. Whether the music didn’t suit our taste or was just distracting, we left the page all the same. […]

Unique Thanksgiving Activities

Published under News on 11/22/2014

Crafts and Games to Bring the Family Together Of all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season it can be easy to forget how to have fun on these special days with our loved ones. Make this Thanksgiving the best one yet with some creative and fun activities for the whole family to enjoy! […]