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Eating Out For $5 or Less

Published under News on 04/16/2014

I have $5 in my pocket. The value of $5 is misrepresented and misunderstood. Innovation Simple values money. We don’t care if it’s just a quarter, we’ll save it up and get our value out of it. Everyone has a different understanding of money. For some money roughly equates to time. For others money is [...]

5 Treats for Tax Day!

Published under News on 04/15/2014

Photo from Sonic Drive-In Sure, it’s tax day, but we’re not draggin’ our feet! Here’s why: If you’re looking for a little pick-me-up on this nationally stressful day, check out these deals that are only available TODAY! Sonic Drive-In: If you’re looking for an afternoon slushie or soda, Sonic is your place! Happy hour (usually [...]

Tom Cruise: The Over-Branded Actor

Published under General Marketing on 04/14/2014

Jerry McMaverick Hunt What does branding have to do with acting, you ask? Well think about how actors and gigs get lined up. You wouldn’t expect to see Kevin James to be the lead in an action movie, nor would you likely find Angelina Jolie playing the role of a science-nerd. Both have very specific [...]

The Shift Towards Online Sales

Published under News on 04/11/2014

Photo by Garfield Anderssen In a few of my past articles I have been talking about social media marketing, but today I am going to talk about another aspect of the Internet that is affecting many businesses. Today I want to spend a little bit of time writing about the current shift that is happening [...]

Palm Sunday

Published under General Marketing,Small Business on 04/10/2014

Scott Christofferson It’s a Holiday You May Not Know Much About The beginning of Holy Week each year begins with Christianity’s holy day, Palm Sunday. This day commemorates Jesus’ entrance into the city of Jerusalem and this year’s celebration will be on April 13, 2014. The story that illustrates Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem is included [...]

Setting SMART Goals

Published under Small Business,Web Tips on 04/09/2014

Success in the business world is about setting goals and meeting them. By not setting goals, we half our potential and hurt ourselves financially and professionally. By setting strong goals we encourage strong results. Often times we set goals that do not stretch us. Here are some attributes courtesy of Yale researchers that will help [...]

The 3 Best To-Do List Apps

Published under News on 04/08/2014

Screenshots of Task App Any great planner knows that creating a to-do list is the beginning step to a lot of really amazing projects. To-do lists help with a wide range of tasks from homework to online marketing. If you’re looking for an easier, eco-friendly, and mobile way to make lists, check out these awesome [...]

Surprise Tweeters

Published under Social Media on 04/07/2014

Where the Hashtag Meets Holiness Twitter has obviously become a huge tool for mass communication. Its role in marketing is gigantic. What about other types of mass communication, though? What about religion? Many of those living here in Utah know that many of the leaders of the LDS faith have Twitter accounts. That may come [...]

Why Social Media Marketing is Important

Published under News on 04/04/2014

Social media has progressed further in the last 10 years than anyone could have expected. What started of with the MySpace era has translated into social media network use, by a massive percent of the population, for every niche including, opinion forums, dating sites, business connections, and everything in between. What we are going to [...]

Good Health = Good Business

Scott Christofferson World Health Day: April 7, 2014 Having good health – both mental and physical – is essential to running a successful business. As all of us take care of our minds and bodies we’ll not only be more prepared to operate our businesses but we’ll enjoy it a whole lot more along the [...]