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Fun Facts About Halloween

Published under News on 10/30/2014

Everything You Need To Know Halloween is tomorrow, and we are so excited to get our work done for our marketing clients so we can go home to start the celebrations. But before we put on those costumes and buy our candy, we want to give you some insights about this holiday. We will start […]

Learning How to Code

Published under Free Tools,Web Design,Web Development on 10/29/2014

A Round-up of the Best Five Websites That Teach HTML When we hear the word coding many of us get an overwhelming feeling of something complex and extremely difficult; something only the particularly computer savvy can manage. However, coding can actually be quite simple to learn and even fun! Having a website these days is […]

Making the Most Out of Your Brown-Bag

Published under News on 10/28/2014

Tips on Making a Scrumptious Lunch The iconic brown-bag lunch has been around since 1852 yet somehow has lasted through the ages. It’s form has taken many shapes and sizes but the contents remain relatively similar. Here are some tips to simplify and delicify your money-saving lunch. 1. Make dinner with lunch in mind. Next […]

Pumpkin Carving

Published under News on 10/25/2014

Some New Ideas It’s amazing to see the artistry that comes out around pumpkin carving time. Whether painted, sketched on the surface, or carved, there are some beautiful creations to see. Although your pumpkin carving skills might not be up to this level, you can always have fun while you create. Here are some quick […]

What We Have to Offer

Why Should You Choose Innovation Simple? In today’s world there are many options for businesses owners when it comes to hiring outside support. Innovation Simple strives to be the premier choice for all of your marketing needs. We have been able to position ourselves so well because we deliver on the promises that we make […]

Snapchat Releases its First Advertisments

Published under News on 10/23/2014

Current Event: Snapchat Releases its First Advertisments Facebook was introduced to the social media market in 2004 and from there swept the world. IT offered much more than the commonly used email, with status updates, photos, blog linking and much more to identify individuals. Today Facebook has over 1.23 billion active monthly users. Then came […]

Crucial Pages To Include On Your Website

You Won’t Want To Leave These Pages Off Your Website Did you know that a website can make the largest impact on your pool of potential clients? When customers are searching for a specific service or product, they are brought to a website. And if the website is disorganized or unappealing, the customer will quickly […]

How to Take a Professional Headshot

Published under Free Tools on 10/21/2014

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words First | Know Why The most important thing to know when taking a headshot is what you’re going to use it for. Is it for your office or for an interview? Seeing the “big picture” will help you create the right atmosphere to get the most out of your […]


Published under Cloud Hosting on 10/18/2014

Their Unique Discovery Winter is approaching and with it, the promise of snow. Whether you are a lover or hater of the white stuff, it is pretty amazing to think that each of the flakes you see are different. The discovery of this fact was made by a man named Wilson A. Bentley, nicknamed “Snowflake” […]

Applying Our Marketing Strategy to Your Company

Published under Client Training,Free Tools,General Marketing,Web Tips on 10/17/2014

Helping increasing your potential for success. In successful businesses strategy is everything. Strategy is defined as a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim. This seems like a pretty straightforward explanation but all too often this little detail is skipped over. This might be exactly why the SBA reports […]