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How Pinterest has Changed the Way we Design

What Your Business Can Learn from Pinterest My wife is a third generation graphic designer, so I’ve heard my fair share of how design and creativity have changed over the years. In the good ‘ol days design was expressed through letterpress, screen printing and hand painting. All three processes were tedious and required very technical [...]

How To Tactfully Ask Customers For A Referral

Published under News on 07/21/2014

Spreading The Word About Your Business As a nation we Americans are a very proud people. Especially when it comes to asking for help from other people. For some reason we would rather swim with hungry sharks than ask someone for help. But at the same time it makes us feel great when we help [...]

Celebrating Pioneer Day in Utah

Published under Provo Utah,Saint George Utah,Salt Lake City Utah on 07/19/2014

What This Obscure Holiday Means to Your Business To most of the country July 24th holds no real significance but another day to eat twinkies and kick back in the summer shade. But to Utahns and other western states, July 24th is Pioneer Day, a state holiday and commemoration of mormon pioneers first arriving in [...]

Building Brand Loyalty

Published under News on 07/14/2014

How To Keep Customers Coming Back Every profession has a key driving force in its economy. When it comes to retail, product sales, and effective marketing the key driving force is brand loyalty. As a marketing company in Utah we have seen first hand the effects of brand loyalty in a company. In this blog [...]

The Fame of Tim Howard

Published under News,Social Media on 07/10/2014

How The World Cup Landed Him in a Meme Frenzy You and the rest of the country howled and cheered in anticipation during the fateful US v. Belgium game of the World Cup last week. The U.S. came in as an underdog in every way but still managed to capture the hopes of millions. Despite [...]

The Extinction of the Everyday Coder

Published under General Marketing,Web Design on 07/09/2014

DIY Web Production The world of web design has long been held up by two forces: designers and coders. The first was responsible for making it beautiful, the second for making it possible. These days, though, self-sustaining site platforms like Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix make it easy for designers to bypass the realm of coding [...]

Quick Ways To Boost Energy

Published under News on 07/08/2014

At Home, Work, or School Working in an office all day has its perks. In most cases you get to sit down in an air conditioned room and do what you love to do. But if there is one experience that every office worker has to battle every day, it’s the urge to fall asleep [...]

Unique Summer Activities

Published under News on 07/05/2014

Have a Summer Worth Remembering We love marketing and website design in Utah, but we love summer even more. The first few weeks of summer are always the best weeks. You just got out of school or maybe your kids just got out of school and the warm weather is welcoming to outdoor adventures. But [...]

Let Freedom Ring

Published under News on 07/04/2014

It’s that time again when firework stands start popping up on street corners and city streets are decorated with red, white, and blue. It seems like here in America we find every excuse to gather and celebrate. When Independence Day comes knocking on our doors it’s so easy to get caught up in the barbecues, [...]

Cheap Ways To Cool Down During The Summer

Published under News on 07/01/2014

Hot summer? Here are cheap ways to cool down. 1) Run Through The Sprinklers This goes back to when I was a kid. If you have a yard with a sprinkler system, you’re miles ahead of your apartment dweller friends. Turn the sprinklers on and run through them with your kids. Another option is to [...]